Here's my story on "why" I created this membership platform for women 40+.

In just 8 weeks with doing the LIIT Method, I lost 5 inches of fat and reduced cellulite! This Method uses slow and precise movements which will wake up your body and activate your muscles, fascia, connective tissue, ligaments and tendons.

I'm excited to share this program with you, as I want the same results for you. Let's get fit together!


Here are a few of my clients that have had great results with the LIIT Method. This can be you!

Karin's Story

"As a woman over 50, I know Yvette knows what my body needs. I have been training with her for many years and she introduced me to the LIIT Method. Going slower in my movements was challenging in the beginning but I'm seeing more toning in my body. I trust her with the process, and can't wait to see more results! Thanks for your guidance and care Yvette!"

Mary's Story

"I've been training with the LIIT Method for 8 weeks now, and have seen a huge change in my body. I'm in my early 60's, so this way of training is possible at any age. I changed my eating habits about four months ago, stopped doing regular takeout, reduced my portions, and stopped eating those darn muffins! My body is now toned and strong. I achieved my goal weight and lost 10 pounds! This way of exercising will be lifelong. Thanks so much Yvette!"

Marianne's Story

"I am now in my 4th month of the LIIT Method and 57 years old.

I have tried several online fitness programs in the past, however, have never stuck with any of them, often sustaining small injuries along the way and becoming demotivated.

This program is very deceiving. When I first started, I thought it would be too easy for me, especially using lower weights than what I had previously used in my other workouts.

I was pleasantly surprised when my persistent recurring knee pain resolved, and I directly relate this to the lower body workouts.

I am also seeing more definition in my upper body, in particular, my triceps.

The travel workouts are also excellent and allow continuation even while away.

I highly recommend this program for anyone who has tried and failed at continuing workout programs due to lack of time commitment, injury or any other reason. You will be pleasantly surprised!"

You can have the body you always dreamed of, click below to see how and try my 14-day FREE sampler workouts!


Losing strength, over-weight or under-weight, tired, unfit, start and stop exercise, unmotivated, and have no guidance?


Fit, toned, strong, empowered, supported, proud, feeling amazing, energized, community, unstoppable, and the best shape of your life!

14 days to test out my sampler workouts, try all the videos, and repeat them three or four times a week, plus cardio. See the template below for weekly schedule ideas.

When you are ready to join my membership, go to "About Me", then to the "My Membership" page to choose the monthly or annual membership that is right for you.

Consult with your doctor before starting any new fitness program.

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